The Mission of the Federal Law Enforcement Foundation

The Federal Law Enforcement Foundation (FLEF) was established in 1988 by a group of concerned business leaders who recognized that, despite the incalculable contribution law enforcement agents make to our quality of life, the economic protection they receive is often inadequate in the face of disaster.

The Foundation was originally formed to support the Federal Bureau of Investigation by providing financial support to the families of FBI agents killed in action. The Foundation now provides financial assistance to all federal and local law enforcement agencies. Economic assistance is also provided to those suffering from a serious illness or recovering from a natural disaster such as fire, hurricane or earthquake.

The foundation is an IRS qualified, charitable organization. We fund numerous programs in support of these agencies.

Some of our programs are:

  • Scholarship Programs
  • Inner-City Drug Reduction Programs
  • Executive Education Breakfast and Luncheon Programs
  • Big Brother Programs
  • NYPD Vest Fund
  • Widows and Children's Funds
  • Financial assistance for police athletic leagues throughout the country
  • Foreign law enforcement assistance programs
  • Heroes' Night
  • CEO Day

These programs are in 200 communities and 10 foreign countries. They are possible because of your generosity for which we are deeply grateful.

All of the Directors serve on a non-paid, voluntary basis. Every dollar contributed is put to work for law enforcement support. If you would like to make a donation to FLEF, please mail a check or money order to:

  • Federal Law Enforcement Foundation
  • 335 Madison Avenue, 14th Floor
  • New York, New York 10017